Are Your Hearing The Call?

You think you're "healed" until you go home.

The holiday's can be challenging with all those triggers from your mom, your dad, your Aunt Ethel. Don't even get us started on Uncle Mike.

That's why we created this for you before you go.

(Watch the video below)

The holidays bring the perfect opportunity to practice what you have learned in your transformative journeys and ceremonies which is why Nov 28th, we are ushering 50 people into the new way...

Well, really OLD way in a NEW way.

Group Support - 6 Weeks To Elevate The Way Your Integrate Stratign Nov 28th, 2022

  • Body mapping, the cues the past is still manifesting and speaking through your body now and what to do about

  • ​Translating your body's data

  • ​How to take RADICAL responsibility and creating support in attaining for your intentions

  • ​The 4 IN's process : Intake, Intention, Inspace and integration

  • ​Recorded masterclasses on microdosing

  • ​Classes on supplements and stacks to support your body pre, peri and post journey

  • ​Constructs: How your conditioning and experiences play out in your body/nervous system

  • ​PLUS 4 coaching calls, assigned accountability groups for those that want it

  • ​Digital workbooks to process and create a clear understanding of what is giving you energy and what is taking it away.

  • ​Much of what you will learn is in the integration of the workbook on the calls. Even if you can't attend them live you will get massive value out of the recordings.

Integration, or what happens AFTER the experience, is a key component many require to heal optimally, and few know HOW.

With so many refusing to wait when there are tools that can help them live a better life NOW, what we aren't seeing enough of is data-driven results that you can SEE and The Condor Approach allows you to find a way that is unique to YOU, who you are and who you are destined to be.

Even If You Have Access To The Best Tools, When You Don’t Apply Them In Real Time To Your Real Life, It’s Not As Effective. That’s Why Our Most Foundational Belief Is That…

Integration Is NOT Optional

It's kind of like wearing a cast when you break your arm

A cast is part of the integration the body needs, a supportive structure so the arm can heal.

So, integrating with awareness is identifying what types of support a person may need

and a plan for when the "cast" needs to come off, or else the muscles will atrophy, making the arm weaker long term.

After any kind of injury you WILL heal.

But HOW you heal varies greatly.

Looking for signs that a client's choices are building strength or weakening it, is critical.

Not all integrations are created equal… or effective in the long-term.

That’s why you’ve:

  • ​Taken courses, webinars, and trainings, but they don’t make a long-lasting difference – even though they have great info.

  • ​Gone to retreats and conferences - pumped up and ready to make changes to how you operate - but after the event you slip back into old habits.

  • ​And if you haven't yet? No worries! This method is all laid out for you.

The old models for healing aren't working anymore...which is why you are committed to finding YOUR way.

We are Tah and Kole Whitty And We Are Letting You In on Our Integration Secrets

Co-Creators of Condor Coach Certification

What you don't track you won't change and if you aren't tracking your body's cues on a daily basis you are missing 99% of the value that comes in the days, weeks and months of integration.

Here's the thing...

Your body is always talking to you so translating what it is saying is what most integration methods are missing...

and if you don't know that your body holds to key to creating the freedom flow and abundance you may be seeking...

We are even more excited for you to be here!

We are sharing the "how" that only our Condor Coaches knew before today!

The Condor Approach allows you to step bravely into your own intuition and make the necessary shifts that allow new life to emerge for your family, your friends, and your community.

And now, it isn't just for coaches anymore!

The process of bringing intention, attention, and reflection to your daily routine will create a habit of self-awareness in the same way entheogens, power plants and master mycelium can. You will track your habits, the tools you’re using, and how your state changes daily, weekly and monthly. This will give you real data to determine what is working and what isn’t based on your body’s feedback. What you don't track you don't change which is why we use a combination of self study and interactive community support.

Maybe you have been traveling to places like Costa Rica or Peru and are stuck answering "now what?"

Perhaps you had a breakthrough in a ketamine session...

Attended a transformational Tony Robbins event...

no matter WHAT peak experience you are integrating, HOW you integrate is determines how well it works.

Whatever got you here won't get you where you want to go but everything need is inside you, all you need is a way to connect to it.

Work on yourself alone...

and do it together in an online community

After a big realization you have to come up with a plan.

Maybe it's changing how you ask for support, who you reach out to or what boundaries need to be created...

It doesn’t matter what it is – you need a framework that you reuse over and over again that is unique to YOU, what you are going through and what your current needs/desires/realizations are.

For Colton it did so much more…

"Out of all of the trainings I have been to, this one is the most profound..."

Join Us In The Only Coaching Certification Program That Teaches You Step-By-Step What To Track, A Clear System To Translate The Unique Language The Body Speaks, And How To Empower Your Clients Through A Decentralized Model Of Care That Teaches Radical Self-Responsibility – With Community Support To Integrate Transformational Experiences In A Clear, Measurable Way.

What you don't track you don't change.

Follow a step-by-step weekly workbook of what to track to start translating the unique language the body speaks to empower your clients through a decentralized model of care in a clear, measurable way.

What You Will Learn In The Condor Approach:

  • ​The power of an intake process to assess if the client is the right fit before working together

  • ​How to support your client in actualizing and creating intentions that lead to results

  • ​Get clear and create your own plans for your future, set clear actionable steps with community support

  • ​A clear framework that promotes radical self-responsibility for the client >> 1:1 or with large groups to ensure accessibility without losing quality and impact

  • ​Our signature body tracking system assists in learning the unique language the body speaks so that your client is clear in what their body's cues mean to them


The Condor Approach

Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Learn How To Take Daily Action Now

  • Get out of your head and into what you are destined to do

  • Learn and apply the integration techniques used to support lasting change

  • Design and implement step-by-step, a sustainable integration practice

  • Maintain legality and your morality for a unique business built around YOU and your family

  • ​​See EXACTLY how you can create support in your life NOW even if you have NEVER done this kind of work before

Here's everything you get when you start self study today:

  • Instant Access to 40 hours of video, audio and recorded calls

  • ​Access to our last Condor Coach live training ​ ($4,997 Value):

  • 4 Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls ($997 Value)

  • ​Master Class with Dr Dave Rabin- What Psychedelics Teach Us About Healing ($97 Value)

  • The Energy Formula with Biochemist /Best Selling Author, Shawn Wells ($97 Value)

  • Her Biorhythm Webinar with Neuropsychophysiologist and world-renowned Women's Health Expert, Kayla Osterhoff ($97 Value)

  • Creating Epic Offers with Aprille Franks ($97 Value)

  • ​Creating Impact As An EPT with Alex Charfen

Total Value: $6,285

Today Just: $997

How Does The Condor Approach

Self-Study Program Work?

It’s A 6 Week Program With Life -Time Access.

Integration And A Real-World, Data-Driven Approach That Puts The Power Back Into Your Hands.

Start Learning!

The Condor Approach

Self Study Program

(No Certification)

  • ​Access To 50 Hours of Content Training: Learn the Fundamentals

  • Perfect For Those Who Want To Learn The Methods: But Don't Want To Be A Coach (YET)

  • ​Access The Teachings, Workbooks And Tools NOW: with weekly group coaching calls with Condor Master Coaches

Total value: $6,285

Today Just: $997

Truth is...

A lot of people don’t know how to fully integrate – so they’re getting more tools, more workshops, more conferences and classes, but they’re not getting traction because they don’t know what to do with the tools.

The sustainable integration is lost.

The cookie cutter strategies don’t apply to your real life. And what you’re hearing the call to do doesn’t seem possible without a lot of sacrifice or struggle (and you’re not available for that)… … so you’re stuck repeating the same draining patterns, traumas, and challenges until you just can’t take it anymore...

A Clear INTEGRATION Process Is Missing.

A Lot Of People Don’t Know How To Fully Integrate. Most Don’t Know What “Integration” Is. And It’s The KEY To Everything!

(Welcome To The Movement. We Do Things Differently Here.)

Former Miss Utah Teen 2001 USA, Olympic Torch Runner And Former Youth Speaker

There is not another person on this planet that can speak to the culture, potential healing and potential pitfalls of the psychedelic movement in Utah, like I can.

As one of the co-founders of The Condor Approach I have lived fully on both sides of the coin and know the potential for healing and the potential for harm from these powerful teachers.

Integration, starts in the intake process, is weaved through the whole experience itself and never truly concludes.

Integration is not optional but how you integrate it.

Meet Tah Whitty

Registered Emergency Medicine Nurse Of 30 Years

I Am Battle Tested...

I spent 25 years as a registered nurse, watching the healthcare system create repeat customers instead of fortifying dynamics that truly support long term wellness for its customers.

Twenty-three of those years were spent in emergency medicine, working the night shift in 12 different hospitals in New York City. I worked on the front lines saving lives for a long time and I now dedicate my life to keeping people OUT of the hospital. I know how it is to live in that faded existence. I was lost in an abyss of self-loathing and sadness. It was a habit that I didn’t know how to break. People call me the “Done Dude” … because when they’re done living a life that is missing, ease, passion, fun and wholeness, they call me in to support them in ways they have never been supported before.

As a Coach, a nurse and a personal trainer, I’ve helped thousands of health experts, physicians and executive coaches transition into an optimized, INTIMATE, lifestyle.

I’m here to shake things up. I am here to wake people up to the idea that they have more options than what they have been offered – often with limitations and restrictions. I am here to speak for those who have not had a voice. I am here to advocate for integration.


I am here to fortify you with a flawless process of integration that is changing thousands and soon to be millions of lives!

Are you hearing the call? Let’s go!



What got us here won't get us where we need to go

  • The medicalized models keep ‘medicating’ with traditional (ineffective) treatments that are expensive so it would be fair to assume that it will continue doing what it has done

  • Real healing comes from within and will benefit from community support in most cases- we have a method that is unique AND measurable because we teach how to heal alone TOGETHER

  • Research may show life-changing, mind-blowing, EXTRAORDINARY results in as little as just one session but very few people go through such rigorous and controlled processes and environments before and after their experiences

  • ​And now: There’s finally a better way that increases accessibility for ALL


What Are People Saying At The Live Events...

Real People, Real Impact.

It’s time to put the tools into action with a model that is guided by how the human body works

so you can answer the call in your heart, your mind or your mission

What Is It Like To Train With Us?

“This course has tied everything together for me.

Coaching fundamentals, neuroscience, nervous system, and business strategy - all in one. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Get Instant Access Now!

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Here's What You Get:

When you sign up for the self-study program

  • 4 Bi- Weekly Coaching Call ($997 Value)

  • ​Virtual Access To Our last live training ($997 Value)

  • ​Dr Dave Rabin- What Psychedelics Teach Us About Healing ($97 Value)

  • ​The Energy Formula with Bio Chemist and Best Selling Author, Shawn Wells ($97 Value)

  • ​Her Biorhythm with Neuropsychophysiologist and world-renowned Women's Health Expert, Kayla Osterhoff ($97 Value)

  • ​Leading Through Landmines; Racism Webinar with Tah Whitty ($297 Value)

  • ​Creating Your Life Team Master Class ($297 Value)

  • ​Epic Woman, Creating Epic Offers with Aprille Franks ($97 Value)

  • ​Social Media Toolkit ($297 Value)

  • ​90 days of weekly coaching calls ($2,997 Value)

  • ​Living As An EPT with Alex Charfen ($97)

Total value: $6,285

Today Just: $997


The Condor Approach is a repeatable framework that grows with you, getting easier and easier every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if this works for me?

This course is for educational purposes and is intended to treat, diagnose or service any mental or physical ailments.

Do you have a refund policy?

There are no refunds due to the immediate access granted to the materials

Is this virtual or in-person?

These are recordings of past trainings and events and takes place online in Kajabi and Mighty Networks 

Do you teach how to facilitate plant medicine experiences?

No. We do not teach how to facilitate psychedelic experiences. However, countless doctors, shaman, facilitators and guides tout our coaching methodology as life changing.


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