The Condor Coach Certification

For Coaches Who Know

Integration Is Not

An Add-On Feature

It's A Way Of Life

Start impacting more lives in the growing field without worrying about access or legality.

The Condor Approach

A Mind-Body Integration System For Coaches And Psychedelic Enthusiasts Who Are Obsessed With Why Humans Do What They Do And Are Committed To The Freedom, Flexibility And Flow Of The Condor.

Picture Yourself Here

We believe in integrating ancient technologies with modern and future technologies.

If you know you are meant to work in this field and haven't been sure how to start with the ever changing laws and regulations...

Your Journey Begins Now!

Communities cannot be healed by the same hands that hurt them, which is why becoming a leader in your community is a necessity for dead and dying systems to evolve.

Discover how psychedelic-informed coaching is the answer to creating safe and supportive environments so you can finally make the impact you were destined for in a field that is desperate for more voices to represent their community.

If you’re hearing the call, answer it… 

Our Next Live Training,

The Condor Approach LIVE

Is Coming To Austin, Texas

June 13th-17th, 2023!

If you are as committed to understanding the sacred aspects of psychedelics as you are in being an example of their healing potential...

This Is For You!

This training is designed to develop an unshakable level of clarity and certainty to stay out of the hustle and grind and make the contribution you are destined to make…

Integration Is Not Optional

But How You Integrate Is.

Integration Is Always Happening,

The Thing is...

There Has Never Been A Clear Plan For Integration

Until Now.

Becoming a psychedelic-informed coach is like providing a cast for a broken arm. Just as the cast is not doing the actual healing, it is creating a supportive environment for healing to occur, a psychedelic-informed coach does not do the healing, but creates a safe and supportive environment for healing to take place.

Truth is, a broken bone will eventually heal on its own, with or without a cast.

The level of support and care provided by the cast can significantly impact how the bone heals and functions once it has healed as is the case for a psychedelic-informed coach, they can provide the necessary support and guidance to help someone navigate and integrate their psychedelic experience in a way that maximizes their healing and growth potential.

Check Out Some Of Our 

We’ll create unique coaching

strategies that encompass your unique gifts, together.

If you Want To...

  • Get Out Of Your Head

    You feel the tire to contribute and only you can meet the growing demand in your community

  • Learn And Apply

    We will show you which integration techniques support the most clients in getting the results they want to have

  • Design And Implement

    We sit with you to design a unique model of care to ensure you don't get trapped in the burnout many coaches and healthcare workers do

  • Support Sovereignty

    Leave with a clear system that allows your clients to take ownership of their own healing journey to put the power back in their hands

  • Community That Can Hold Space For Conflict And Not Run From It

    Our container is truly diverse in culture, gender dynamics, race, ethnicity, religion, age, and lived experiences, but everyone in it has done the work enough to hold space for themselves and each other

  • How To Build A Contribution Based Model To Ensure That The Groups That Matter To You Get The Financial Support You Have been Dreaming Of.

Let go of the cookie-cutter courses and sink deeper into trusting yourself as a psychedelic-informed coach without ever compromising your values with the help of 

The Condor Approach.

The Condor Approach is based in Andean shamanism and represents a connection between heaven and earth. Known as nature's clean-up crew the condor aims to empower individuals to take ownership of their own healing journey and let go of what is no longer supporting them.

The Condor Approach Method emphasizes bio-individuality within a community container, promoting both sovereignty and interdependence.

If you are feeling called to set a new standard for psychedelic integration and create a positive impact in communities, join us in the transformation of dead and dying systems...

Get your ticket today to spread your wings and fly.

If you are hearing the call

Answer it.

What Is It Like To Attend

The Condor Coach Certification?

We Do Things Different.

Inclusive. Expansive. Integrative

For Colton it did so much more…



June 13th-17th, 2023 | AUSTIN, TEXAS

Here’s What Our 5-Day Live Itinerary Looks Like:

Day 1: Foundations

9:30am — Doors Open, Meet and Greet

10-11am — Welcome | Itinerary Review l Ice Breaker

11-11:30 am — Spectrum Of Woo

11:30-12:30 am — The 250 Effect - 3P’s And STATES Overview

12:30-2pm — LUNCH

2-2:30pm — Being Coachable And Holding Space

2:30-3:30pm — Why Are You Here? What is your offer?

3:30-4pm BREAK

4-5pm — Confidence Continuum with Tah 

5-6:30pm – Building A Biz That Works For YOU

6:30pm-7pm- Key Takeaways Tah and Kole

Day 2: IN-take

9:30am — Doors Open, Meet and Greet

10-11:30am — The Three Points of Ease

10:30am -1am - Tah Follow Up with Examples

11:-12:30am — Safety/Intake Process with Tah

12:30-2pm — LUNCH

2-2:30pm —Chakra Development

2:30-3pm — Body Mapping Evaluation

3-4:30pm – Intake Process

4:30-5pm — BREAK

5-5:30pm – Full-Body Listening / Crafting Your Interview

6pm-7pm – Group Discussion

Day 3: IN-tention

9:30am – Doors Open, Coffee, Tea

10-10:30am — What do you want that you don't have yet

10:30-11:15am — Hierarchy of Esteem and The Logic Ceiling

11:15-12:30pm – Constructs

12-12:30pm — Multi-Construct Strain

12:30-2pm – Lunch

1:30-2pm – Discussion 

2-2:30pm – IN-tention- with Tah

2:30pm-4pm – S.T.A.T.E.S 30 Minutes Practice with Kole 

Group Breakout 60 Minutes 

4-4:15 pm – BREAK

4:15-5pm – Planning Your 90-Day Project with Kole

5:15-6:55pm – Trauma And Somatics with Will Rezin

6:55-7pm — 16 Breaths BIT and Closing Drums

Day 4: IN-space

9:30am — Doors Open, Coffee/Tea

10-10:15am — Opening Song, Simple Songs 

10:15-11am– The Oppression Trap Triangle

11-11:30am– What does this have to do with coaching

11:30-12:30pm – IN-Space - Set, Setting Facilitation Styles, YOUR BODY

12:30 pm-2 pm – Lunch

2pm-3:30pm – Practice S.O.S. and S.T.A.T.E.S. Break out Session 

3:3–3:45pm – BREAK

3:45-5:45pm – What Else Do You Need For Your  90-Day Plan

5:45-6pm – BREAK

6pm-7pm – Group Discussion / Q & A

Day 5: INtegration

9:30am — Doors Open, Coffee/Tea

10am -10:15:am– Opening Song

10:15am-11:15am — Riding The Nervous System

11:15am-11:45am — Projections and Insertions, Radical Consent

11:45-12:00pm – Using The Condor Approach Book

12:30pm-2pm– Lunch

2pm-2:30pm – Requirements For Certification, Maximize The Next 90 Days

2:30pm-4pm – Biz Breakdowns, Chunking It Down To Get It Done

4pm-4:30pm – BREAK

4:30pm-5pm – Building Your Life Team Overview- phase one accountability

5pm-6:30pm – Questions and Answers / Support

6:30 - 7pm Soul Cypher

What We Teach You Can't Find On Google...

You Can Only Learn It By Doing The Work...

NOT Observing The Work.

(read that again)

At The Condor Approach, we believe in a sacred, respectful approach to working with psychedelic substances.

We recognize their power and potential while understanding the importance of having a system of integration that meets you exactly where are, every time.

It’s A 90-Day Program With A

LIVE 5-Day In-Person Event To Kick You Off.

A Data-Driven Approach That Decentralizes Care, And Puts The Power Back Into The Hands Of The Community You Serve.

Our training requires you to

Learn It.

Apply It.

Teach It.

For the real world experience you can’t find on Google.


Live 5 Day Immersion

Learning a concept in one thing, we want you to feel it, experience and process it in real-time using our coaching methodology to truly integrate the content into your life.


Amazing Coach Community

Imagine being surrounded by heart-centered folks cheering you on from varying demographics with life-changing perspective that spans countless cultural, religious and gender identities!


Contribution Driven

Learn how to build contribution into your model as a forethought, not an afterthought so that it reflects your priorities and intentions.


Systems Create Safety

We take the guesswork out of the equation in how to manage the client experience from intake to integration so that you (and the client) have a clear picture of where you are going, together.


Generational Wealth

There is nothing more spiritual than the world around money and you can create a financial ecosystem in your community and stop waiting for top down support.

Foundations Of

The Condor Approach


Psychedelics 101

We build from the baseline – the neurological, physiological and spiritual impact of these powerful teachers.


Coaching Fundamentals

Here’s where you upgrade your ability to more deeply serve your clients and truly help them shift their states. We go into holding space, processing, accountability and projections.


Body And Emotions

We dive into nervous system regulation, body mapping and learning the unique language the body speaks to create stability and wholeness in the body.


S.T.A.T.E = S. Assessment

You’ll get our signature methodology for assessing where someone is in their journey and how to get them where they want to go more effectively.


Tools For Transformation

Workbooks, breathwork, music, body presence – yes, it’s just as it sounds. We’re giving you the simple, applicable tools we use in integration practices – or what we like to call the coach’s best friends.


Social Media Toolbox

How to post authentically to invite clients into your world versus sell them, learn transparent marketing and how to protect your assets from being deleted, reported or shut down.

If You Are Ready For A Step-By-Step System That You Can Trust Because YOU Built it...

You Are A Hearing The Call Of

The Condor Approach

A unique coaching style that will grow as you do.

The Condor Approach is not just a tool for personal growth and transformation, it's also a means for creating reciprocity and supporting indigenous communities and underserved populations.

Here are three ways we make a difference:

  • Retreats

By providing opportunities for individuals to learn about traditional healing practices and connect with our indigenous teachers, we support hundreds of families and the local economy while providing a means for cultural exchange and mutual learning.

  • Contributions

By making financial contributions to indigenous communities, underserved populations, supporting small businesses/ organizations that promote sustainability, social justice, and cultural preservation, we can help create economic opportunities that promote self-sufficiency.

  • Donations

By donating tickets to individuals who exhibit a profound commitment to healing and transformation we are able to provide more communities the valuable tools to help build a stronger financial ecosystems for sustainability with other change-makers committed to creating a brighter future for all.

Looking For An Authentic Place To Contribute?

Here Are A Few We Love And Support.

La Vida Divine Institute

Ayahuasca In Ecuador

BIPOC, Queer Owned

Ancestor Project

Setting Your Expectations For

Becoming A Coach

Think of becoming a psychedelic-informed coach like learning an instrument. Sure, you can take the lessons and study the theory, but until you pick up the instrument and practice, you're not any closer to playing your song. 

The same goes for becoming a coach, it's not just about learning the frameworks and systems, it's about putting them into practice.

The Condor Approach certification program is designed to provide you with the frameworks and systems you need to build a sustainable business, but like learning an instrument, it takes consistent practice and dedication to master it. 

The program can be completed in as little as 3 months, but in order to truly be proficient in the instrument, it takes around 250 hours of practice.

Becoming a psychedelic-informed coach does not come with the same legal or professional status as a licensed therapist, but that doesn't mean it is not a viable career path. 

A dedicated approach and a simple client roster, a coach can easily surpass the same entry-level pay as a therapist in just one year with a much smaller investment.

Are you feeling the call to serve others through becoming a psychedelic-informed coach, but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Don't worry, you won't be alone.

Real People, Real Impact.

Here’s What Coaches Said At The Live Event…

Here's Everything You Get:

  • Instant Access to 40 hours of video, audio and recorded calls

  • ​Registered For The 5 Day LIVE Condor Coach Certification ($4,997 Value): 

  • ​90 days Of Weekly Coaching Calls AFTER The Live Event  ($2,997 Value)

  • Master Class with Dr Dave Rabin - What Psychedelics Teach Us About Healing ($97 Value) 

  • The Energy Formula with Biochemist /Best  Selling Author, Shawn Wells ($97 Value)

  • ​Her Biorhythm Webinar with Neuropsychophysiologist and world-renowned Women's Health Expert, Kayla Osterhoff ($97 Value)

  • ​Racism; Leading Through Landmines with Tah Whitty ($297 Value)

  • ​Creating Your Life Team Master Class ($297 Value)

  • Creating Epic Offers with Aprille Franks ($97 Value)

  • Creating Impact As An EPT with Alex Charfen ($97 Value)

  • Social Media Toolkit ($297 Value)

Plus, As An Integrative Bonus,

You’ll Also Get…

Business Strategy Calls

6 calls dedicated for personalized support to help you move quickly in building your business.

(It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a retreat or a trip to Peru, developing a group coaching program or struggling to find clients.)

Personal Mind-Body Integration

Learn your own body’s cues– including what places, people or things feed your energy or deplete it through our daily mind-body integrations workbook (AKA, the backbone of The Condor Approach).

Because if you’re not operating well, neither is your business!

Total value: $10,367

Today Just: $4,997

What Is It Like To Train With Us?

Ties It All Together

“This course has tied everything together for me.

Coaching fundamentals, neuroscience, nervous system, and business strategy - all in one. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”


A Joint Venture

“Now I see how my husband and I can work together in a really powerful way that doing solo work would not achieve, and that gives me much joy and fulfillment!"

Lila B.

The Condor Approach Is For Leaders…

It’s a repeatable framework that grows with you, getting easier and easier every time.


We Stand Behind What We Teach

After attending the LIVE event, if you don’t feel like it was worth your time and money all you have to do is return the materials and we will process your refund, no questions asked.

- Tah and Kole Whitty

We are Kole and Tah Whitty

Co-Creators Of The Condor Coach Certification

Meet Kole Whitty

Former Miss Utah Teen 2001 USA, Olympic Torch Runner And Former Youth Speaker

There’s not another person on this planet that can speak to the culture, potential healing, and potential pitfalls of the psychedelic movement, like I can.

As one of the co-founders of The Condor Approach, I have lived fully on both sides of the coin and know the potential for healing and the potential for harm from these powerful teachers.

Raised Mormon in Utah, my explorations of the psychedelic space started 22 years ago and took a turn for the worst, a coma from a drug overdose at age 17.

Looking for something to live for, I competed and won Miss Utah Teen USA 2011 which positioned me as the poster child for the DARE program and Partnerships For A Drug Free America.

I was THE voice for substance abuse education, speaking all over the world preaching “once an addict, always an addict.” I saw personally how limiting it was for myself and so many others.

Life has a funny way of waking us up, doesn't it?

Meet Tah Whitty

Registered Emergency Medicine Nurse of 30 Years

As a registered nurse, I spent 25 years watching the healthcare system create repeat customers instead of fortifying dynamics that truly support long term wellness for its customers.

I worked on the front lines saving lives for a long time, and I now dedicate my life to keeping people OUT of the hospital. I know how it is to live in that faded existence. I was lost in an abyss of self-loathing and sadness. It was a habit that I didn’t know how to break. People call me the “Done Dude” … because when they’re done living a life that is missing, ease, passion, fun and wholeness, they call me in to support them in ways they have never been supported before.

As a Coach, a nurse and a personal trainer, I’ve helped thousands of health experts, physicians and executive coaches transition into an optimized, INTIMATE, lifestyle.

Why We’re Here…

  • To shake things up and to SPEAK for those who have not had a voice.

  • To DISRUPT the entire health and wellness system. 

  • To wake people up to the idea that they have MORE OPTIONS than what they have been offered – often with limitations and restrictions.

  • For BURNED-OUT practitioners who are trading dollars for hours or have too many 1:1 interactions AND for the clients who leave sessions hopeless, helpless, and without real-life support.

We’re here to advocate for integration because…


But the results and how we support those who need it….is.

Are you hearing the call? Let’s go!

Do I have to be a doctor or have a medical license to participate?

PLUS Other Great Questions You May Have…

Do I have to be a doctor or have a medical license?

No way! You don't need a degree to be the powerful coach your community needs, you just need the right training and support, and that's what we offer through the Condor Coach Certification program. Since we do not diagnose or treat anyone, the only qualification you need is to be YOU! If you are a health pro, that's great too!

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

We love to chat live if you are on the fence, the best way to find out is to book a call with one of our coaches. >>CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CALL<<

Do you have a refund policy?

After attending the 5 days LIVE if you don't feel like it was worth your time and money just turn in your books and materials at the end of the event and we will process your refund on the spot!

You MUST attend all 5 days LIVE to qualify for the 100% guarantee.

Is this virtual or in-person?

We do offer it as a hybrid so you can tune in from home, but the people with the greatest results come LIVE so there's no distractions. There’s a resonance and opportunity for growth that comes from being in the intensity, honesty, and vibration of the live experience.

Do you teach how to facilitate plant medicine experiences?

No. We do not teach how to facilitate psychedelic experiences. However, countless doctors, shamans, facilitators and guides tout our coaching methodology as life changing for their containers and how they hold space.

It’s Time To Put The Tools Into Action With A Model Guided By How The Human Body Works So You Can Answer The Call In Your Heart, Your Mind, Or Your Mission!

Here's Everything You Get:

  • Instant Access to 40 hours of video, audio and recorded calls

  • ​Registered For The 5 Day LIVE Condor Coach Certification ($4,997 Value): 

  • ​90 days Of Weekly Coaching Calls AFTER The Live Event  ($2,997 Value)

  • Master Class with Dr Dave Rabin - What Psychedelics Teach Us About Healing ($97 Value) 

  • The Energy Formula with Biochemist /Best  Selling Author, Shawn Wells ($97 Value)

  • ​Her Biorhythm Webinar with Neuropsychophysiologist and world-renowned Women's Health Expert, Kayla Osterhoff ($97 Value)

  • ​Racism; Leading Through Landmines with Tah Whitty ($297 Value)

  • ​Creating Your Life Team Master Class ($297 Value)

  • Creating Epic Offers with Aprille Franks ($97 Value)

  • Creating Impact As An EPT with Alex Charfen ($97 Value)

  • Social Media Toolkit ($297 Value)


  • 6 Business Strategy Calls

  • Personal Mind-Body Integration

A Big Realization Without Actualization Is Just A Dream.

Total value: $10,367

Today Just: $4,997

Join Us LIVE June 13th-17th, 2023

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Got more questions?

​Why do states like Utah, Colorado and Idaho have consistently higher rates of self-reported lifetime depression according to Utah public health data?

​Mental health struggles have skyrocketed since 2020 in Austin, Texas according to the National Alliance Of Mental Illness (of Texas) calls have increased by 83%.

Nearly 50 million Americans are experiencing a severe mental illness. The state prevalence of adult mental illness ranges from 16.37% in New Jersey to 26.86% in Utah.

The 3 Ways These Experiences CAN Be Addictive

  • Spiritual addiction: chasing peak experiences for the significance of connecting to God, Source, the Divine, entities or visuals while ignoring problems what needs to be done to end or change the dynamics they keep journeying to resolve on.

  • Emotional addiction: becoming co-dependent on the feel-good hormones that come from heart-opening experiences like MDMA, as a means for connection and deeper relating to others.

  • Community addiction: relying on a ceremony or group to feel safe, connected, and fulfilled, without practicing the necessary skills of creating those relationships in the home life which often leads to unconsciously creating problems to justify returning to the ceremony space.

If the only place a person finds safety, connection and fulfillment is in psychedelic spaces and no work is done to create it, protect it or find it in the 3D we have failed the person we hoped to support.

If You KNOW That Integration In NOT An Add On Feature...

And have made it to the bottom of the page....

What do you still need to know to be all in?

Call ‪(737) 228-3747‬ to talk to a real person or schedule a call below


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