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Premier Psychedelic-Informed Coaching Certification

For Nurses, Medicine Carriers, Psychedelic Enthusiasts And Coaches Of All Kinds Who Know Integration Is Not Optional.

By combining the wisdom of psychedelics with the art of coaching, we create a unique and powerful approach to support individuals on their transformative journeys.

If you have you been deeply impacted

by the healing potential of psychedelics and are feeling stuck in what to do next because of experience, legality, safety, access or circumstances like work, medical licenses, kids or location...

You Are In The Right Place.

The Condor Coach Certification

Our 12-month container is thoughtfully designed with you in mind.

This isn't a program, this is a portal.

The door is open to you if you choose to walk through it. We are here with you every step of the way, providing a "done with you" community that gives you the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to navigate the intricate realm of psychedelics and integrate this wisdom into your coaching practice.

Advance through our three phase process:

Learn It, Apply It, Teach It.

  • In Phase 1: The Snake Path is your entry point to learning the Condor Concepts. Any limiting ideas or constructs will surface as you step bravely into your new role in the psychedelic space.

  • Phase 2: The Puma Path brings action, this is where the rubber meets the road and you apply what you have learned into your business and actually build it.

  • Phase 3: Condor, you will spread your wings as a mentor in the "teach it" phase of the program, elevating the skills you choose to focus on from podcasting, to social media, to in-person speaking and beyond.

The Condor Coach Certification provides a framework for data-driven results that empowers the client to take action so that their big realizations last.

Join Us Live September 12-16th, 2023 in Austin, TX

How amazing would it feel

to have a step-by-step guide that walks you through building a unique structure that allows you to focus on doing the work you are being called to do...

And the best part?

You won't have to do it alone!

We'll be right there with you, offering support and guidance every step of the way.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and

hello to confidence and clarity.

This is NOT a Clinical Training.

What We Teach You Won't Find On Google.

Real Life. Real People. Real Impact.

Check Out What Medicine Man, Sincere Seven

Said About His Experience At The Condor Approach

For Colton, It Did So Much More…

The 12 Month Path To Becoming A Condor Master Coach

Your Journey of Transformation: Learn It, Apply It, Teach It

Month 1-3

Unleash Your Potential in the Snake Phase: Shed Limitations, Discover Your True Self

In the Snake phase, it's time to shed the limitations that have held you back and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Through immersive lessons, interactive exercises, and a supportive community, you'll uncover your true self and gain a deep understanding of the transformative power of psychedelics. Lay a solid foundation for your coaching practice and ignite your potential for impact.

Month 4-6

Ignite Change: Take Inspired Action, Empower Others

In the Puma phase, it's time to ignite change and empower others on their transformative journeys. Dive deeper into advanced topics such as messaging, using AI for aligned messaging, handling sales objections, retreat planning, microdosing containers, and effective integration techniques. Refine your coaching skills, learn from experienced mentors, and step into your role as a catalyst for profound change

Month 7-12

Soar as a Mentor in the Condor Phase: Spread Your Wings, Make a Lasting Impact

In the Condor phase, it's time to spread your wings and make a lasting impact as a mentor. Create your own unique offering, whether it's a retreat, a podcast, or a speaking engagement, and share your wisdom with the world. Contribute to the growth of the coaching community and inspire others to step into their full potential. With the guidance of experienced mentors, you'll become a master coach, transforming lives and leaving a legacy.

Embrace the Energy of the Condor and Thrive in an Ever-Changing World

Economic fluctuations, social changes, and global crises are shaping our reality. As a coach, you have the unique opportunity to guide individuals through these turbulent times, helping them adapt, grow, and find new opportunities for transformation.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to sink deeper into trusting yourself and being adaptable and changeable in any climate. The Condor Approach is here to support you on this journey, empowering you to become a resilient and effective coach in the face of uncertainty.

Tah And Kole Whitty


The visionary co-creators of The Condor Approach and The Coach Certification, are here to revolutionize healing and wellness. With their unique backgrounds and unwavering dedication, they bridge ancient wisdom with future technologies for a holistic and integrative approach to well-being. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities with more options, resources, and recognition for positive change. Join Kole and Tah on this transformative journey to redefine what it is to integrate as an practice not a plan.

Our Condor Master Coaches Are Power Packed With Experience

From finding your authentic voice on social media, to retreat planning to utilizing AI to get your message out, our nurses, life coaches, medicine carriers are bridging ancient technologies with modern practices.

Experience the joy of creating a coaching practice that is truly your own, where you can thrive and step out of sacrificial models of care.


We Are Here To Set A New Standard For Integration

After attending your first LIVE event for the full 5 days in person, if you don’t feel like it was worth your time and money all you have to do is return the materials at the end of the event and we will refund your investment.

- Tah and Kole Whitty

Real Impact. Real People.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a doctor or have a medical license?

No way! You don't need a degree to be the powerful coach your community needs, you just need the right training and support, and that's what we offer through the Condor Coach Certification program. Since we do not diagnose or treat anyone, the only qualification you need is to be YOU! If you are a health pro, that's great too!

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

We love to chat live if you are on the fence, the best way to find out is to book a call with one of our coaches. >>CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CALL<<

Do you have a refund policy?

After attending the 5 days LIVE if you don't feel like it was worth your time and money just turn in your books and materials at the end of the event and we will process your refund on the spot!

You MUST attend all 5 days LIVE to qualify for the 100% guarantee.

Is this virtual or in-person?

We do offer it as a hybrid so you can tune in from home, but the people with the greatest results come LIVE so there's no distractions. There’s a resonance and opportunity for growth that comes from being in the intensity, honesty, and vibration of the live experience.

Do you teach how to facilitate plant medicine experiences?

No. We do not teach how to facilitate psychedelic experiences. However, countless doctors, shamans, facilitators and guides tout our coaching methodology as life changing for their containers and how they hold space.

Are You Hearing The Call?

Maybe you're not ready for the full commitment...we get it, this is a big decision that we don't want you to make unless you know this is the right path for you.

Like the people before you, they followed their hearts AND it had make sense, but it doesn't have to make sense for only has to make sense for us.

That is why you have to call us directly.

Our community is unlike any other we have seen, so if you aren't all in, this is NOT the right fit for you.

The Condor Approach requires curiosity, courage and action.

It is NOT all light, love, mantras and affirmations.

Your money stories will get triggered.

A time may come where you think "who am I to do this work?".

"Who are you NOT to do this work?"

When you forget we will be right there to remind you who you are but you will have to allow yourself to be seen

And scary AF.

The raw, the messy, the doubt-filled, all of you is welcome, all we ask is you stay committed to evolving your communication style as you grow with us.

You will witness and experience how conditioning works through the body, and it isn't always pretty.

If you are unable to tolerate people with very different views than you, our container is not the right fit for you.

If you are still here, still reading and still not ready to commit to a year...

Don't fret, we have a special opportunity for you.

Introducing the Hummingbird Experience—a condensed version of our program. Join us for a focused three-day event to get a taste of our transformative methods, community connection, and the potential for profound change. Explore the Snake, Puma, and Condor phases, gain valuable insights, and unlock your growth as a coach.

The Hummingbird Experience allows you to assess the value and alignment with your goals without the long-term commitment. Whether you choose the full journey or the condensed experience, we provide guidance, mentorship, and a supportive community.

Ready to answer the call and take the next step?

15 Days Of In Person / Live Virtual Trainings

4 Weekly Calls Based On Your Unique Needs

40 Hour Video Library

2 Monthly Master Classes

Ai Trainings

How To Share Your Offers Online

Build Your Intake Forms, Contracts And Retreats

Total value: $25,367

Today Just: $10,000

Join Us LIVE Sept 12th-16th, 2023

February 20th-24th, 2024


There are no refunds once purchased unless terms and conditions are met.

*Terms and conditions*

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